Meet Me

meet Andie

Hi! My name is Andie Ashe and i personally make everything you will find on this website.

My interest in handmade jewelry began as a child when i received a friendship bracelet kit from my parents for my birthday. I quickly took a deep dive, and devoted hours to memorizing the patterns, playing with different thread colors, and generally being a little obsessed with making them. 

This laid my foundation for college, when I became enrolled in my first Casting class. It was a total fluke, I had a slot to fill in my day and needed an elective. Apparently (according to my teacher) I was not even supposed to be allowed in that class without having taken the prerequisite, but an exception was made. From there my love for casting took root. That class taught me about casting, basic silversmithing, soldering, and other "proper practices."

After graduating in 2014, I bought myself a kiln and a vacuum caster and kept going. I even tried to do it full time for a bit, but ultimately decided I was too social to stay in a studio by myself all day. So I looked for creative work that would allow me to have flexibility and some social interaction and became- you guessed it- an art teacher. HA!

Now I teach during the day, but devote the rest of my time to my jewelry, and also to my small arts business Primed Fine Arts.

I am a real regular Georgia girl, so please reach out with any questions or curiosities! My email is I promise i'm great to work with, and truly just want to help others enjoy what I make. Happy shopping!